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New Skills, More Job Offers

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In this tough job market many people are returning to school to learn new skills and obtain current credentials and degrees. But even with more advanced education, credentials and skills, according to The Wall Street Journal, it is still tough to find work. The numbers are daunting to say the least, with unemployment high and the competition for jobs stiff. Smart job seekers must also educate themselves on how to market their new skills more effectively. Like Dr. Bill Pepicello, University of Phoenix President, says, “Education is important, but it is not the end. Knowing how to communicate your skills effectively is key.”

Your resume is just the first step in effectively communicating your value to an organization. Cover letters, reference letters, emails, networking scripts, and of course the interview, are essential elements to successful job search communication. You may have all those things, but still have not placed. To rise above the crowd, you need something more – linkage of all steps in the process. Ask yourself:

Is my resume an A+ resume with not only job responsibilities and task completion, but results?

What value did I bring my former employer?

Your reference letters should validate and reinforce the results and accomplishments you list in your resume – that’s linkage. When you get in an interview, you should be able to answer many of the questions from the accomplishments in your resume – that’s linkage. And preparation of the tough questions is also essential. Your research on companies, industry segments, and current news will help you learn about what is going on and where you can direct your job search. You will identify possible opportunities, target companies and network more effectively – that’s linkage. Attending professional and association meetings where you can interact with people in your industry is also essential to effective networking – internet surfing and social media cannot replace face-to-face networking. When it comes to negotiating in a tough job market, many think they have to accept any offer, but that is not necessarily the case. Linking your research on salaries and compensation is very important for building the case for a compensation package that matches your value and the marketplace rates.

These are just a few examples of the powerful strategy of linkage of job search steps. If you want more job offers, develop and implement an integrated job search. You will build your confidence and the psychological leverage you need to beat your competition.

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